tisdag 14 februari 2012

Eating in Dubai

Here are a few pics of the food we ate during our vacation in Dubai. I really recommend eating outside the Malls - join the locals in the "ghetto" and you´ll get better food for a cheaper price! And lots of new experiences...

My lovely Asian inspired salmon-salad (which was lovely unthil I found raw garlic in it)

Sweets, jellies, chocolate - loads of them!

And the offering of icecream wasn´t bad at all - here some Italian gelato!

Me feasting fresh naan-bread at a nice Lebanese restaurant

Tip: always believe in the waiter when he tells you that a portion is enough for 2.. Anyway we managed to eat our portions as we were hungry as animals. But how we looked afterwards isn´t anything worth telling. Nice that it was possible to switch the french fries away and have a fresh salad instead.

And I found a huge potato in our nearest shop

Hehe, we also had icecream-time every night - just wanted to taste all the different kinds!
Me so-so-so hungry at the Chinese waiting for my fish fillets..

... which turned out to be a disaster: fried suspicious dough-balls with no fish inside. In Dubai they like to deep-fry everything, which didn´t satisfy me at all as I refuse to eat anything that can´t be identified

Hah! A waiter made us to have a dessert: a sweet créme caramel, which we just tasted and then mostly played with as the waiter was annoying

Guys, please! Have some Indian if you go to Dubai (or somewhere else): I´ve never tasted anything as good  and as special as this Chicken Birhani. Unfortunately the given starter wasn´t as good as the main course: a glass filled with spices (e.g. chili) to wake the metabolism up. 

And even more sweets: chocolateries, candy-shops, pastries...
Another recommendation goes for Sushi! On our last night in Dubai we went to a small Japanese place, where they had a cheap and huge sushi-buffet. I totally fell in love with sushi, mjamm!

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